Story of Us

A Sweet Life is a private studio creating custom sugar creations for our clients. We operate under the Texas Cottage Law and have been providing unique sweetlings to our customers for over three years. We started out much like a lot of small businesses by first finding what we loved to do and what we found is that there is love in pastry. This is one of the first things that I discovered growing up as a daughter to one of the most amazing people you would ever meet.

Our home was always the place you wanted to be. My friends would prefer to hang out at our house than their own (isn't that just like kids). Our kitchen was always filled with smells of some baked marvel that Mom was creating next. And me? Well I was content at being the baker's assistant. I would mix up icing colors (good thing I had that primary and secondary color wheel memorized); bake off cake layers; try my hand at piping (still puts me in awe at some of the stuff people can do) or just be the clean up crew. She never cut corners and always had a smile on her face even in the wee morning hours when the cake just had to get done. I did not know it then. It took years for me to realize that there is love in pastry and it all started in my mother's kitchen.

Throughout our lives there will be many celebrations. From "I Love Yous", "Marry Me", "I Do", "Welcomes", "Goodbyes" and "Happy Birthdays"...they are all a part of the celebrations and milestones of our lives. I have had a few of my own and never did one of those events not have some kind of cake, pastry or sweet that Mom did not create. It seems to be that along the way society decided that a celebration is an uplift of happiness...a spike in life brought about because of love...and we take a moment to celebrate it...with cake.

For us it is so rewarding that our customers bring us into their lives (if only for a moment) and while they are "wowed" by our creations, we are humbled that we get to be a part of so many moments of happiness.

So really the story of us is about my mom and I and how the sweet life to us is that we get to work together and do what we love. Every celebration that we help make memorable for our customers all started a long long time ago in my mom's kitchen mixing frosting in avocado green Tupperware bowls from the 70's. It took a while to get here but it is definitely a sweet life.

Meet the artisans

Leigh, pastry chef/owner

Leigh spent over 20 years in Technology mastering how everything had to be exactly what the customer wanted. While this appealed to her scientific nature the outlet for creativity was suffering (and suffering is bad).

Then several years ago Leigh found an outlet for her creativity through competitive baking & decorating. Much to her surprise it all came second nature and the obsession began.

Today Leigh spends her time designing custom cakes for her clients as well as writing blogs and tutorials so that other artisans can learn from her experience and better their craft for their clients.

She continues to find joy in making the centerpiece of the event and always trying to push her craft to the next level.

Amber T.
14d ago

We met with Leigh today for a tasting and hired her on the spot. Not only were the cakes delicious, but Leigh is a delight as well! I'm personally so excited to show off her handiwork at our wedding. Thanks so much, Leigh!

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Judy, sous chef/owner


Judy has been in the world of pastry for over 30 years. It all began harmless enough to learn how to make birthday cakes for those adorable little rugrats of hers.

She is a master at buttercream and the old school techniques that our customers just love.

Today Judy spends her time working on new recipes using the finest ingredients and keeping A Sweet Life organized and providing the best customer experience for our clients.

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